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Solly Ganor

E-Mail to a Friend on the Eve of the Elections: January 4, 2001

Things are also awful from our view point. Not only because we fear a total war again against the Arab states, including perhaps Iran, but because we suddenly woke to the bitter realization that perhaps the whole peace process was a big mistake. Some things simply don't give themselves to a solution now and it is better to leave them alone as long as possible. Of course, this is not a solution for the long period, but it is still better than to dream about peace, while both Israelis and the Palestinians have completely different dreams.

We had hoped that if we give up the West Bank and Gaza the Palestinians could finally have their own country, and if we give up the Golan, East Jerusalem and get the settlers back behind the borders of 1967, the Palestinians would accept it. What else is there to give them, the whole of Israel? As it turns out, that is exactly what they expect!

They will never agree to a peace agreement that won't include four millions Arab refugees , (Suddenly they have become four million), returning to their original homes! That means that most of us have to leave our homes and give them to the Palestinians!

That was their dream for over fifty years, and the dream should now be become reality? Absolutely not.

Those of us who thought that we can find a bridge between our dream for peace and their dream to oust us of our homes, and give up the state of Israel have finally realized that we simply don't understand the Arab mentality. We can compromise all we want, but they obviously think that they don't have to give an inch.

And now the conference of Arab nations in Cairo endorsed Arafat's demand: The refugees have a right to return to their home in Israel proper.

So now we are being pushed against the wall again, as we were in 1948. Fortunately, all of Israel is united in rejecting that insane demand. From the extreme left, including the doves of "Peace Now," to the fanatical extreme right. No one can expect a nation to commit suicide, not even of the Jews. As in the past, the Arabs will find a united Israel a formidable enemy, if they try to go to war again.

We do thank you from the bottom of our heart for being such good friends and inviting us to come and stay with you. But I hope that you will understand that we can't run forever, especially that our children and grand children live here and they are not about tø leave Israel. I still think that it won't come to a total war.

The Arabs are not that crazy, and that would be to disruptive for the whole world, but we will probably have to go back to the old pre- Oslo status quo. If that is still possible I don't know. What I do know is that Sharon is going to be our next prime minister, whether we like it or not, and most of the Israelis think that that is better than committing national suicide.

We send you our love and hugs and thanks again for inviting us to stay with you.

Solly Ganor
Herzelia, Israel



















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